AIS (Academic Intervention Services):

Academic Intervention Services are available for students in Grades 1- 5, who are exhibiting difficulties in learning to read, write and/or understanding the grade level curriculum as demonstrated by assessments and teacher observation. Students will receive additional support in literacy or math during the school day.

Programs for Students who are not English Dominant

Students who are not English dominant will be receiving additional support by teachers who are certified to teach English Language Learners. This means that these teachers will be teaching ELL students in collaboration with the regular teacher (push in model). In addition, ELL teachers will be meeting with ELL students as a group (pull out model).

Speech and Language

Small group or individual Speech and Language therapy sessions are provided to at-risk students and Special Education students.


Supplemental instruction in a small group setting is provided through the SETSS teacher. A special education referral must be done before a student receives SETSS.